Centrifugal Pumps

Stationary or Portable

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We have been in the pump building business since 1960. Our pumps have evolved into some of the most efficient pumps in their class. These pumps have a low horsepower to volume ratio. Our 12 inch discharge pump will deliver 5000 gpm or 300,000 gallons per hour with as little as 30 HP. This translates into low fuel consumption. These pumps are submersible wet sump pumps. The pump impeller casing must be submerged at all times when pumping. The pumps are primarily designed to be driven with any farm tractor having a 540 rpm PTO. They can also be driven by any diesel engine or suitable electric or hydraulic motors when coupled with the correct reduction belt or gear drive.


These pumps feature:


Portable pumps are not designed for highway use.

This is off road equipment and is not licensed for highway use.