We produced our first crawfish boat in 1981. That was a dual wheel rear drive unit powered by an 8 horsepower engine. We manufactured several of those before building our first front wheel drive crawfish boat. The front wheel drive boats were in much greater demand for the next 10 years and because of that many thought we built only front wheel drive boats. We were only providing what our customers asked for. When customers wanted bigger boats with higher horsepower we built those. That doesn’t mean we can’t still build small boats with 5 horsepower engines, we can and will if anyone wants one. All of our crawfish boats are custom made. You can have front or rear wheel drive, small or big boats, 5 to 25 horsepower engines and any other options you like. Our goal has always been to provide a tailor made product at a reasonable price.  

Front Wheel Drive Boat

Rear Wheel Drive Boat