Paul Abshire Welding Works was a one man operation started by Paul Abshire in 1959. Work was performed out of Paul’s garage or on a jobsite off of his welding truck. The first shop was built in 1960 and it was a grand 24 ft. by 24 ft building. That building was located at 1010 N. Morvant Avenue, Kaplan, LA. Paul did a lot of blacksmith work as well as welding and horse shoeing. The business moved to its current location at 301 E. Mill Street in 1965. Jimmy & Linda Abshire purchased the business from Jimmy’s father, Paul, in 1981 and are the current owners.

Paul Abshire Welding Works has always been an agriculture related business. Farmers and ranchers are 90% of the customer base. We have a faded home made sign posted on our wall that says “Farming Is Everyone's Bread & Butter” and that pretty much says how we feel about farming and farmers. We are thankful for the continued opportunity of serving the agricultural community.